Special Tours



Are you a fan of less touristy neighborhoods? Are you looking for new experiences and real places? Do you want to visit Florence from another point of view? A city full of life that is always in ferment and ready to produce works of art unique in its style!! From the thirteenth century to today the city tries to maintain the traditions as intact as possible.

Starting from Ponte Vecchio,the heart of the ancient goldsmith art, you will cross all the Oltrarno, visiting the sites of the most significant art as the Church of Santa Felicita, with frescoes made by Pontormo and Bronzino, the Santo Spirito Basilica, with the beautiful crucifix made by Michelangelo, the Church of St. Maria del Carmine with the Brancacci Chapel, masterpiece of Masaccio and Masolino . If you prefer it, there is a single building that collects and preserves intact works of art, history and traditions: Pitti Palace with its Palatina gallery, Contemporary art gallery,
jewelry, ceramics and Fashion collections and Boboli Garden, one of the best example of italian garden style.

This tour will take you to rediscover the craft that has given so much fame to the city: from glass to “scagliola” , from leather goods to jewelery, from paper to the frames. So be carefull not to forget handcrafts shops, located between Via Maggio , Borgo San Frediano and Piazza Torquato Tasso…Obviously, the choice is yours! Ask for the art that most intrigues, astonishes and interests you.

PS: do not forget your credit card!