"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion"

My name is Demetra Fanetti and I am a tour guide in Siena, Florence and surroundings.

Two amazing cities to which I am very bound because Siena is where I live and Florence is where I was born. Two historic rivals that join permanently within me!

In 2011, after finishing my studies in languages and art and having passed the qualifying examination, I became an authorized guide.

Why have I chosen to pursue this career? Because I love art… I learned that everything is art, starting from the most noble painting, sculpture and architecture to the simplest culture and traditions of my people. Art is the pleasure of the five senses. It is the feeling generated by breathtaking landscapes, by the various colors of the sky and by the rays of the sun caressing every stone. Art is in the medieval buildings becoming storytellers, the museums becoming guardians of centuries-old artwork and astonishing squares and osterias hosting the secrets of simple, but delicious traditional Tuscan food. It is not a coincidence if the Province of Siena boasts four UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Florence gets new visitor record every year!

What makes me different from the other local guides? My passion, I do my job with enthusiasm and happiness, I love my land with its colors and its scents, just as they are…

Moreover, do you know what my main objective is? In a few words: to make you fall in love with this paradise!

With me, you are speaking with an authorized person who is very familiar with the area and its inhabitants, who will be able to show you the best wonders that these provinces preserved. I will be able to advise you: great places to enjoy the Tuscan cuisine, wineries where you can taste the best wines and take the most artistic pictures, to immortalize forever your smiles and your dreaming adventure.

What else? That’s it: I am waiting for you as soon as possible..