The Palio of Siena


Do you love art, but now seen its too much? Are you bored by the usual sightseeing tours? Look at what I propose: a guided tour of Siena, the city of Palio

We will start from Piazza del Campo, the heart of the city and the party, it’s essential to understand the history of the race and some curiosity of this city. The Square fans out from City Hall, called Palazzo Pubblico, to create an amphitheater.  We will continue heading in the direction of one of the 17 Contrada, that divide the city and we will visit the most important places of the “ Contrada ”, district as the Museum , the headoffices, the stable, the fountain and the Oratory .

At the end we will conclude like the Palio with the visit of the Cathedral or the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria di Provenzano. These are two churches that welcome the victorious district and not only. Do you want an example? the Piccolomini Library, the Statue of St. John the Baptist of Donatello, statues of Michelangelo, the miraculous bust of Mary in Provenzano and much more. Then if you would like to take some panoramic pictures, I really recommend the climb on the Facciatone. You will stand on top of what would have been the new entrance facade, because it’s part of the unfinished Cathedral.

Before continuing the exploration, I’ll propose you a typical senese break based on ricciarelli, panforte, cantucci and a good glass of Vin Santo.