Around the Tuscan hills

Around the tuscan hills

Do you like to take pictures and are you lovers of good food? Are you looking for a day trip out of town? so why not enjoy the rolling Tuscan hills: Val d’ Orcia.

I offer you a solution: two great classics that never get boring. Pienza: the dream city of humanist Pope Pius II and Montepulciano: the Pearl of the XVI century. Two jewels wrapped in breath taking panoramic views, hard to capture in a simple photo, but easy to remember for your lifetime.

Do not miss the Cathedral of Pienza, a very special place of worship thanks to its style inspired by the churches of northern Europe and the Florentine renaissance; the square Pio II is the architectural focal point of this unique town… but if you want to do some shopping we will move to Montepulciano, a slightly larger village. Along its central street it will be possible to find a lot of Renaissance buildings and shops selling leather, ceramics, etc. Only once we will reach the top, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the valley and Piazza Grande with its City Hall and Cathedral.

Branded by their past and their unique fragrances to smell in every medieval streets. Pienza is the birthplace of the Sienese pecorino,  while Montepulciano is the town of the Noble Wine, one of the best Italian DOCG, star of the local festival: Bravio of the barrels, that is recalled in these streets each year.